Saturday, 2 July 2016

What is Embedded System

     The system which is combination of hardware and software, which continuously perform a particular work is known as Embedded System.

Example of embedded system-
Washing machine
Autonomous controlling of street light
Automatic door
      There are lots and lots of embedded products. Everyone usage embedded system by knowing or unknowingly.
Embedded system comprises of different types of passive, active electronics components, IC's and microcontroller.
In which microcontroller is the heart of embedded system which can be programmed by us as per our need. It has lots of pins with different functions. Our work is to use these pins wisely and smartly.

      And the difference between microcontroller and microprocessor-
In microprocessor we have to attach RAM, ROM externally.
But in microcontroller all these things are in built but in very limited size.

      The first microcontroller had only 4k ROM. But dont think it cant do any thing. It can do lots of work because microcontroller understand machine language so a large program also have very small size, there is no need of loading images and videos which requires large space. It contains only instructions and some data.
But as our need increased and technology developed day by day. Different types microcontrollers were introduced with new features.

     So we have lots microcontrollers such as
ARM etc
And all above microcontrollers comes with lots of different variants, with different specifications and features.

     And in embedded field IOT is a new trend which is developing day by day.

     So, what is IOT- Internet Of Things. In simple word IOT is about controlling and using electronic systems with the help of Internet.

      Example- you are coming from your office in summer time and there is no one in your home and you wants to cool your room before you reach your home. Then with the help of IOT you can switch ON your AC from distant place.
     So just think then you will get lots of more examples by your own.

     According to me its a very interesting field because when you apply practically what you studied then you get the satisfaction that you are utilizing your knowledge.
     And when you develop a project and it gives desired output then it will give you great pleasure.

     And talking about its future then your imagination is the limit.....

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